Allocating Environmental Liability – Landlord v. Tenant

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Buy Soma Online Usa In a lease, parties can allocate risk as they choose – and often do. Risk need not follow fault, though it often does. So, the question is: how should allocating the risk of environmental liability work as between a landlord and its tenant?

350Mg Soma Medicine For simplicity, we’ll assume that the landlord we’re talking about owns the property in question. We’ll also assume that we’re not speaking of a ground lease or similar arrangement, though many of our thoughts are equally applicable to such arrangements.

Buy Xanax 5Mg Uk When it comes to allocating the risk of environmental liability between a landlord and its tenant, Ruminations thinks risk (call that: responsibility) should follow fault. We’ve said “between a landlord and its tenant” a couple of times because our thoughts certainly won’t change the way the law allocates such responsibility. [Read more…] Buy Diazepam 10Mg Print
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