Bargaining Power: If You Don’t Ask, You’ve Already Got Your Answer. It Is: “No.”

Print In the course of preparing last week’s blog posting about small (bargaining power) tenants being entitled to assurance that their leased spaces are as physically accessible and visible as when the lease was signed, we got to thinking about “why this comes up in the first place.” No, we weren’t thinking as a philosopher might think; we were much more at the nuts and bolts level. Basically, we framed the question thusly: “What do tenants look for in landlord-form leases that just don’t seem to be there?” Today, we aren’t listing things that are commonly in such lease forms, but written in a way that should make a tenant unhappy. We’re talking about items tenants need to ask for. [This isn’t bait and switch our part.. We’ll tie this in with today’s blog posting’s title later.] [Read more…] Print
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