Follow-Up to “Negotiating by email”

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Apropos of the Ruminations blog posting of December 18, we just saw an announcement for the following teleconference program from the American Bar Association:

Should You Negotiate By E-Mail?
Insights Learned From Behavioral Science

FEBRUARY 14, 2012

12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Eastern Time

The description is as follows.

Professor Janice Nadler of the American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University School of Law will discuss how processes of email negotiation differ from those of traditional face-to-face negotiation. All lawyers are aware of the efficiency advantages of email, but few are aware of the specific circumstances under which using email can hinder (or even help) the success of a negotiation. Professor Nadler will share behavioral research results that provide guidance about when to use email, when to pick up the phone, and when to insist on a face to face meeting. Your questions about email and related topics will be discussed.

Information about registration material is at: Click Here.


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