About Our Firm

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Meislik officesIra Meislik and his colleagues who blog on Ruminations together form https://thebirthhour.com/gc2y88t3 Meislik & Meislik, a law firm in northern New Jersey which has been specializing in retail real estate law and business law for over 20 years. They have successfully helped clients across the country with simple transactions, super-complex transactions, and everything in between. They’re committed to building lasting attorney-client relationships, and participating as lecturers and program directors in continuing legal education, a must in this involved and changeable field.


https://kevinreillycollection.com/ul66oml Meislik & Meislik uses an inter-disciplinary approach that draws on profound knowledge and experience in both business law and real property law. They understand office, retail, and industrial properties and the differences between them, and how to give each client and each project the individualized attention that’s needed. The firm’s attorneys have received many recognitions for their accomplishments and expertise from peers and professional organizations.

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